Essential Karate Gear For Kids

karate gearKarate is a great sport for kids. It helps them build confidence, strength, and flexibility. Karate is a martial art, and as such it teaches discipline and tends to make kids less likely to act impulsively or violently. Of course, this sport can help you child learn how to protect himself if he ever needs to!

Has your child just started taking karate classes? You will probably not need to purchase a lot of equipment right away. Typically, kids do need uniforms and belts to begin their classes.

However, they do not usually begin sparring until they have developed some skills. Once they do begin sparring, you might need to purchase more karate gear for kids.

Important Karate Gear Kids Will Need

Uniforms: Uniforms usually have two parts. One part is a loose fitting top, and the other part are some comfortable pants. Most kids start out with a white uniform, but you can also find uniforms in a number of different colors.

Belts: Most karate students start off with a white belt. This is used to keep their uniform shirt closed, and it also signifies their ranks. After they move up in the ranks, they will earn different colored belts.

Karate schools differ, but your child might progress through a yellow, orange, green, blue, brown, and black belt. Some people like to purchase a rack to display their belts.

Shoes: Most kids will not wear shoes when they do karate. But you can purchase special karate shoes that might be useful if your child suffers from any foot pain or injury.

Pads: When kids start sparring, they will need some body pads. A full set consists of pads for feet and legs, hands and wrists, and a helmet for the head. These are usually made of foam that is about an inch thick.

Mouth guards: It is very important to have proper protection for teeth when kids start sparring. You can purchase plastic mouth guards for kids to wear in their mouth. Kids are not supposed to hit or kick each other in the head or face when they spar, but accidents do happen. A good mouth guard does not cost much, and it can help prevent painful and expensive dental injuries.

Floor mats: A karate school will probably have mats for kids to practice moves. However, you might want to purchase a mat, so your kids can practice rolls, flips, and takedowns at home too.

Punching bags: As your child progresses, he might want to practice his kicks and hits at home. You can purchase some good punching bags or punching dummies to use at home too.

Where Can You Buy Karate Gear For Kids?

If your son or daughter attends a karate school, that school might sell equipment. That might be fine, but the school probably also makes a decent profit upon these sales. You might find the same high-quality equipment at another local store or even online. Since you will probably need to invest some money in this sport, it might be a good idea to look around to find the best source of good gear.