Safe Sparring Gear For Kids

Martial arts are very popular with kids and adults these days. These Asian sports help children learn discipline and confidence, and they also provide good exercise and healthy competition. Most kids start off by learning the basic moves and developing strength, flexibility, and technique.

However, there will come a time when a child starts to spar, and he will need some safe sparring gear for kids. The right gear can make this sport quite safe and enjoyable.

Safe Sparring Gear For Kids

sparing gearSchools might have different requirements. But sparring gear usually consists of protection for feet, legs, hands, arms, and heads. Kids will also need mouth guards to protect their teeth in case they accidentally get punched or kicked in the mouth.

The pads and helmets are usually made out of thick and flexible foam that can absorb the impact of a punch or kick. It might be held on with Velcro straps, and it should be fairly easy to put on and take off.

A full set of pads might consist of the following:

  • Gloves for arms and wrists
  • Foot pads that go over the top of the foot
  • Shin and ankle guards
  • Helmets to protect the back of the head and chin

Mouth Guards For Sparring

Additionally, parents will need to invest in a hard plastic mouth guard. This guard is not expensive, and it can save a child from a lot of pain and expensive dentistry. Typically, kids are not supposed to hit or kick each other in the face when they are sparring. However, sometimes kids get excited in the midst of a match, and they might miss their intended target. A good mouth guard is a good investment.

Is Karate Dangerous?

Karate should not be dangerous for active kids. The instructor should teach them how to protect themselves. Besides, kids should not be hitting with their full force when they are sparring. However, the right set of pads and guards can give parents the extra insurance that kids will be kept safe.

One very proficient black belt said that he never got hurt in karate. He said the only time that he suffered sport’s injuries was when he started playing football. This comment is sort of amusing, but it demonstrates that karate should be a much safer sport than some other contact sports because of the training and protection involved.

Where Can Parents Buy Sparring Gear?

Many karate schools do sell sparring gear. This is an additional way for them to make a profit. However, it might not be the cheapest source of high-quality gear. School managers might believe that most parents will not shop around, and they try to squeeze a little extra profit out of their sales.

It might be a good idea to consider shopping around for the best prices for a full set of karate sparring gear and mouth guards. There are plenty of online karate gear websites that carry kid’s sparring gear and other karate accessories.