Important Benefits of Karate Classes for Kids

Perhaps the most important benefit that children gain from taking Karate is the confidence that is instilled in them. In addition to the physical strength they build as they practice kicking, jumping, running and punching, they also learn concentration and discipline. These skills are needed if they are to progress and eventually excel at Karate.

karate classesAlthough this may come as a surprise to many parents, Karate classes for kids are available for children as young as three years of age. Some experts believe that six is the ideal age for children to begin Karate classes since their physical development allows them to more easily accomplish the necessary kicks and punches.

Most Karate programs use the belt system to mark their progress. The beginner belt is white, and the system uses a progression of colors until the student finally reaches the coveted black belt status. The student is tested at intervals of about three months to determine if he is ready to move up to the next level. This system makes it easier for the student to set and accomplish new goals, an important benefit of Karate.

There has been a false notion that martial arts may promote violence in children, but the experts agree that is merely a myth. The socialization and self-discipline children learn while practicing Karate can actually be a great help to children suffering from attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) because the skills of concentration and self-discipline are typically underdeveloped in these children.

Karate classes for kids usually begin with a bow to the martial arts master, followed by a short warm-up session. The students then spend the hour long session practicing the various punches, kicks and blocks that make up the particular skills of the art. During this time the children also learn to respect their instructor while waiting for the next command. The class ends with the students again bowing to the master, expressing the self-control and respect demanded by the sport.

If you are the parent of a child who gets picked on at school because his social skills are not fully developed, your child will benefit greatly from learning Karate. This does not mean your child will become more aggressive and prone to violence, only that he will have the confidence needed to deal with other children who may want to bully him. Most kids who have the habit of bullying other children seek out kids who are not able to show confidence as their victims.

The skills learned in a Karate class will help your child show self-confidence and avoid becoming a victim of bullies. In addition, these skills will prepare him for a future in a world that is populated with aggressive people. Some people are naturally self-confident while others are lacking in this area. Enrolling your child in a Karate class will help him develop the skills needed to be successful at whatever occupation he chooses, so learning Karate as a youngster will benefit him throughout his life.