MMA For Kids: A Growing Trend

mmaAre you a fan of MMA or mixed martial arts? If you’re not a fan, you might be thinking how do kids and MMA mix? Two fighters kicking and punching in a cage, and the sport can seem downright brutal in some ways. Perhaps you’ve witnessed one of these brawls on television between two professional fighters. The fact of the matter is it’s an extremely popular sport and has been adapted to kids just like regular martial arts, boxing and all other sports. And, no doubt among kids, it is a fast-growing sport.

Children as young as five are participating, and an estimated 3 million kids have joined the ranks. Yes, there are critics, but this trend, in its infancy, is rapidly gaining favor. What do kids get out of this? They learn how to use self discipline, they get exercise, they learn how to play fair, and much more. In a world where kids are increasingly spoiled, glued to video games and exposed to all kinds of dangers, mixed martial arts sounds like a great idea.

Critics have panned the movement and tried to create their own movement, displaying photos and captured moments to try and portray the “danger” of kids participating in mixed martial arts. However, many stories exist of how MMA for kids  has benefited many individuals.

One such story about an older teen connecting with his brother is very touching. The teen was about to graduate and move off to college and was very athletic. His younger brother was very introverted and did not have much of a connection with his older brother. However, after his older brother got involved in mixed martial arts, the younger brother developed an interest. They both started attending classes, and the introverted younger brother entered his teens with needed discipline, a connection with his brother and a purpose.

There are many other stories like these involving mixed martial arts helping kids. MMA might have a certain stigma and image and seem like its not for kids, but MMA for kids has been adapted to their needs and provides them with necessary skills for growth and development. Think about the growing number of children who are raised in single parent homes without a father. There is nothing wrong with this, but at the same time father figures and discipline are then found in teachers, preachers, other family members, etc. Engaging in mixed martial arts is a sure fire way for these kids to get the father figure and discipline they need.

Another growing trend is obesity in children. MMA provides kids a vigorous exercise regimen. So maybe drinking water, staying physically active and getting excited about something besides the latest video game and junk food is exactly what these kids need. With a movement involving a very physical sport, there will always be critics, but no doubt mixed martial arts has provided necessary needs to many children. Each situation is different, so perhaps it’s not the right activity for all kids, but it sure has made an impact on many others and will continue to impact more lives.