Helpful Self Defense For Kids

Believe it or not, there are a number of cities across the country that are taking steps to provide classes for self defense for kids. As a matter of fact, there are even schools now that will give basic lessons to help children learn the skills needed to be able to properly defend themselves. However, the problem with some of these programs is that they may not go far enough into detail to help show a child how they can defend themselves against a much larger attacker. With help from adults, kids can have the skills needed to protect themselves no matter what the situation is that they might be faced with.

kids self defenseOne of the worst things that you can end up having to worry about as a parent is the safety of your child. Kids love to go outside and play and you are going to find all sorts of situations where they will be away from you, whether it is going to or from school or visiting with their friends. Even the best and most attentive parent is not able to be around their kids all of the time. Having a program teaching kids good self defense will be the best way to give some added peace of mind for all parents.

While a child may be small, they do have a number of things that will work to their advantage when it comes to defending themselves. Because they are smaller in stature, they are able to deliver good punches to regions of an adult’s body that can be very vulnerable. Along with that, you can teach children how to properly apply pressure to various points of the body that can actually bring a full grown person right to their knees. Not to mention that most children are small enough that given the skills they will be able to wiggle free from the arms of any attacker.

With all of the problems that go on with bullying and children, it is important to educate your children on the right and wrong time to use self defense. If at all possible, children should first tell a responsible adult when they feel threatened in any way. Other than a bullying situation, children who have the skills to defend themselves when faced with an attack can end up being a whole lot more confident.

For the most part, parents really like to have a feeling that their children are safe at all times. Knowing that your child has been through a course for self defense will help to give that added reassurance that they can handle themselves should something happen. Simply take the time to look around your local area and see if there are any experienced trainers that you can introduce your child to. In the end, you will see that your entire family will be stronger and better prepared for whatever arises when there have been steps taken for quality self defense for kids.

Essential Karate Gear For Kids

karate gearKarate is a great sport for kids. It helps them build confidence, strength, and flexibility. Karate is a martial art, and as such it teaches discipline and tends to make kids less likely to act impulsively or violently. Of course, this sport can help you child learn how to protect himself if he ever needs to!

Has your child just started taking karate classes? You will probably not need to purchase a lot of equipment right away. Typically, kids do need uniforms and belts to begin their classes.

However, they do not usually begin sparring until they have developed some skills. Once they do begin sparring, you might need to purchase more karate gear for kids.

Important Karate Gear Kids Will Need

Uniforms: Uniforms usually have two parts. One part is a loose fitting top, and the other part are some comfortable pants. Most kids start out with a white uniform, but you can also find uniforms in a number of different colors.

Belts: Most karate students start off with a white belt. This is used to keep their uniform shirt closed, and it also signifies their ranks. After they move up in the ranks, they will earn different colored belts.

Karate schools differ, but your child might progress through a yellow, orange, green, blue, brown, and black belt. Some people like to purchase a rack to display their belts.

Shoes: Most kids will not wear shoes when they do karate. But you can purchase special karate shoes that might be useful if your child suffers from any foot pain or injury.

Pads: When kids start sparring, they will need some body pads. A full set consists of pads for feet and legs, hands and wrists, and a helmet for the head. These are usually made of foam that is about an inch thick.

Mouth guards: It is very important to have proper protection for teeth when kids start sparring. You can purchase plastic mouth guards for kids to wear in their mouth. Kids are not supposed to hit or kick each other in the head or face when they spar, but accidents do happen. A good mouth guard does not cost much, and it can help prevent painful and expensive dental injuries.

Floor mats: A karate school will probably have mats for kids to practice moves. However, you might want to purchase a mat, so your kids can practice rolls, flips, and takedowns at home too.

Punching bags: As your child progresses, he might want to practice his kicks and hits at home. You can purchase some good punching bags or punching dummies to use at home too.

Where Can You Buy Karate Gear For Kids?

If your son or daughter attends a karate school, that school might sell equipment. That might be fine, but the school probably also makes a decent profit upon these sales. You might find the same high-quality equipment at another local store or even online. Since you will probably need to invest some money in this sport, it might be a good idea to look around to find the best source of good gear.

Kids MMA Gear You Can Find Online

It’s important that your kids have the proper gear when they train. This is how you can make sure they are going to have a great experience, while being totally safe. After all, you want them to improve their fighting skills and not destroy their health because of the trainings. This article covers a few items and categories of kids MMA (mixed martial arts) gear you can find online, on various websites.

mma accessoriesFirst of all, mouthguards are among the best sellers and it it not hard to understand why. A two-pack Tapout mouthguards may cost around $15, which is a pretty good price. If you want, you can find Shock Doctor Gel Max mouthguards for a little under $10. The Shock Doctor Gel Nano Mouth Guard and the Shock Doctor Nano Double Fight are a bit more expensive, but still under $25 a piece.

Gloves are also among the best sellers on many websites. The Revgear Kids Deluxe MMA gloves are about $30 and they look and feel pretty awesome. If you want, you can buy all kids MMA gear from the same manufacturer, so your child will look good, as all patterns and colors will fit well together.

Belts of all colors, t-shirts with various labels, jackets, shorts or pants are available in a wide array of shapes and colors, so each kid will have the chance to find at least a few models he’ll love. Uniforms are also very sought after. Traditional ones are in black or white. It’s probably enough, as all kids will want to look just like their team mates, so they will go with the color of their team.

Children are fragile, so they need additional protection when fighting. Shin guards are a must-have for all kids, so don’t let yourself without them. Shin guards are available online at prices that may vary between $20 and $25. Knee pads are also popular, as well as cups.

As you can see, things can add up pretty quickly when you want to get complete kids MMA gear kits. This is why some manufacturers and shops thought to make packages with everything you need for a child to start his Mixed Martial Arts training. Such packages are usually available at a discounted price, so that parents are stimulated to buy everything they need from the same supplier instead of ordering from different websites.

If your child is just starting, such packages are a great solution. you’ll make sure the little one has all needed equipment and you have the satisfaction of saving some money. If you only need separate items, it’s still a good idea to shop around and jump on the first things you find. Sometimes you may find online shops that try to get rid of their older stocks and collections, so they may sell them at a very low price. Such bargains are great if you can catch them, so you should definitely follow up with your favorite MMA gear stores and check on their promotions from time to time.