Taekwondo For Kids: A Wonderful Sport

Many people when they think of martial arts, consider it to be strictly a fighting sport that is only appropriate for adults and older children. Take Taekwondo for example. Here is a sport that focuses heavily on punching and kicking. It is hard to imagine kids doing that kind of thing in a structured class. However Taekwondo for kids is more than just learning to hit. It is an excellent means to get good physical activity, it will help children develop mental acuity, it lets kids naturally develop confidence in themselves, and finally the structured nature of the classes promote focus and respect.

kids taekwondoAs mentioned above Taekwondo provides children with a wonderful amount of physical exercise. A typical kids class lasts about 45 minutes and the instructors will have the children working extremely hard throughout the entirety of that time. For the younger kids however, the instructors do not make the exercises seem like work. Rather they create in class games mixed with normal exercises that help the children build strength and develop the coordination necessary to excel in the sport.

For instance one common game that young children might play in a Taekwondo class is the classic game of tag. From the outside observer looking in this might seem silly, but in reality tag promotes many of the base elements that will make a person good at martial arts down the road. It helps the child learn avoidance techniques, makes them think about what their next moves should be, and forces them to move quickly. These are all elements that are crucial to martial arts. Beyond this when a kid gets tagged out it usually results in a punishment like doing 10 push-ups before they can enter back into the game.

One thing that should be pointed out about Taekwondo is that the focus is never on violence. The purpose of teaching this martial art to children is to give them the means to defend themselves if it becomes absolutely necessary, but more important learning the sport gives them the confidence to approach virtually any situation in their life in a calm and reasoned manner. One thing that should be stressed about virtually all martial arts schools that have children’s classes is that they spend a lot of time teaching the kids when it is and is not appropriate to use the skills that they have learned in class.

Taekwondo for kids is not as focused on the fighting aspect of the sport like it is for people who are older. The focus is really on the physical and mental development of the child in question. At the end of the day, whether the kid stays in the class for one year or ten, they will be much better for it. The exercise, both physical and mental is excellent. For a child to excel at this sport they have to spend as much time studying in order to memorize terminology and forms as they do anything else.